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Style Hunter: Steal Pam's Wal-Mart look from the 'True Blood' premiere

Entertainment Weekly

"On the season 5 premiere of True Blood, Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) tossed her usual bold colors and skimpy skirts to slip into something a little more comfortable — a buttery yellow sweatsuit adorned with kittens, butterflies and pretty flowers. In other words, things you would never associate with Pam. Halloween may be more than four months away, but we just found our costume."

Costume Designers for TV Have a Big Impact on Fashion

New York Times

“I work with the script, the director, the writer and the actor to figure out what the costume needs to do to help the actor inhabit that person,” said Audrey Fisher, the costume designer of “True Blood” on HBO.

Spotlight On Audrey Fisher

Costume Designers Guild

Audrey Fisher is deeply honored that back in 2007, Danny Glicker gave her the opportunity to be the Costume Designer on the series “True Blood” (HBO). “It’s a really good story,” she asserts, “about an Assistant Designer being kicked upstairs.”